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What Should I Wear During the Transitional Period?

StyleWhat Should I Wear During the Transitional Period?

You are hunting for that illusive piece of clothing, the ideal jacket for transitioning between seasons. Because the fashion show season starts in New York with temperatures in the 80s and concludes in Paris with temperatures in the 50s and rain, this quest strikes close to home for those of us who are involved in the fashion show circuit.

It’s a problem that we all have, and it’s one that climate change and unpredictable weather patterns are expected to become more pervasive in the years to come. The question is, where can you get a jacket that can withstand a decrease in temperature of 30 degrees?

In order to find a solution to this problem, I decided to question some of the other people who are interested in fashion travel. The replies nearly always grouped themselves into one of two categories.

One faction liked the shorter version of the trench coat. According to Samira Nasr, the editor of Harper’s Bazaar, a trench coat is no longer just for rain but is ideal for most of the time because it is light enough to wear over a T-shirt and roomy enough to accommodate a sweater. This is one of the reasons why a trench coat has become so popular in recent years. It may also be worn inside belted over jeans. Consider the fashion designer Kate Spade, who was a prominent advocate of the trench coat as a substitute for a dress; she might serve as a model for this tactic.

According to Ms. Nasr, “a trench is essential for anybody who is constructing a wardrobe of elegant fundamentals.” “Belted, it takes any ensemble to the next level.”

For further alternatives, check out Madewell, Ba&sh, and beginning on October 9, the next wave of collaborations with Target, which will include a two-toned twist on the traditional trench coat designed by La Ligne and a number designed by Kika Vargas with scalloped edges.

In addition to the trench coat, there is also the oversize blazer group, which is exemplified by Lauren Santo Domingo, one of the founders of Moda Operandi.

She said that the large jacket “feels like outerwear but at the same time is professional and can be worn over a ribbed tank top with a chunky sweater knotted around the neck like a scarf.” When the temperature drops, the chunky sweater may be worn beneath the blazer.

It just so happens that this season’s runways have been teeming with precisely these sorts of oversize blazers — Dries Van Noten made a particularly fetching version of them — which indicates that they will most likely trickle down to brands that are not in the high-fashion pricing category. While we wait for it to take place, we may look for choices like the Frankie Shop, COS, or Zara, all of which currently have some appealing products.

When it comes to transitional attire, there is one guideline that you should always keep in mind, as Ms. Santo Domingo advised: “If you do autumn on top, do summer on the bottom, or vice versa.” In other words, you should wear open-toed shoes with the jacket and sweater, or boots with the tank. You may think of it as seasoning.

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