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Warehouse TERRADA is pleased to announce the opening of its Bonded Gallery in the Tokyo neighbourhood of Tennoz

ArtWarehouse TERRADA is pleased to announce the opening of its Bonded Gallery in the Tokyo neighbourhood of Tennoz

Warehouse TERRADA, a Tokyo-based studio complex, is thrilled to announce the opening of a connected gallery in Tennoz, Tokyo. The purpose of the new gallery is to promote foreign art galleries and auctions in Japan.

Warehouse TERRADA established TERRADA ART COMPLEX I in 2016 and TERRADA ART COMPLEX II in 2020 with the intention of making Tennoz the premier cultural hub. These include many art galleries, including the country’s largest gallery complex. Additionally, the site has art studios for artists in need of a space to create.

Since art appreciation is virtually a high-intensity sport, they have also incorporated a stunning café overlooking a large garden that connects two facilities, where visitors may have light refreshments and allow the art to penetrate their very selves.

In 2022, the Bonded Gallery and its adjoining Bonded Lounge (a bonded warehouse) aim to promote the presence of foreign art galleries and auction houses in Japan. Bonded Gallery’s inspiration, the Tennoz neighbourhood, has a variety of art-related amenities, from an art gallery complex to a collector’s museum of modern art and a warehouse for artworks.

In addition to contributing to the internationalisation of the Japanese art market, Warehouse TERRADA seeks to promote the development of Tennoz as a thriving local and international art centre.

Bonded Lounge will be a bonded warehouse that offers a facility for exporting and importing artworks to and from Japan, as well as a venue for purchasing and viewing artworks. With an area of 84.2 square metres and a ceiling height of 3.5 metres, it can accommodate large sculptures and paintings. Additionally, it is accessible for both public and private viewings and purchases. It will be situated at 2-6-10 Higashi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, G Building.

One of the amazing things about Bonded Lounge is that its bonded spaces are located in Tokyo’s Tennoz district, a hub for art-related institutions with easy access to Haneda Airport and the city centre. This facilitates its accessibility for countless art collectors in Japan and beyond.

According to a spokeswoman for Warehouse TERRADA, “Our headquarters facility offers a high degree of security storage warehouse for all artworks and other valuables, with adjustable humidity and temperature control. After completing import procedures, one may also transfer artworks from abroad, have acquisition discussions in our bonded lounge, and keep objects in the storage facility.

Their group firm, TERRADA ART ASSISTS Co., Ltd., also provides a complete solution for the art-related demands of artists and art buyers. This covers domestic and international transportation, insurance services, displays, and environmental preservation.

Recent auction previews were held at Bonded Gallery under the direction of New Art Est-Quest Auctions Co., Ltd. There were a total of 154 items on display, showing works by Tsuguharu Foujita, Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Yusuke Hanai, KYNE, KAWS, Chiharu Shiota, Yoshimasa Tsuchiya, Maki Hosokawa, Aya Takano, Shinro Ohtake, Ayako Rokkaku, Yoshitomo Nara, Lee Ufan, and Yayoi Ku

New Art Est-Ouest Auctions was founded in 1984 and is now operating in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Tokyo.

In addition to its art storage service, Warehouse TERRADA has established a variety of art-related enterprises, such as exhibiting, shipping, packaging, and restoration services. Its guiding idea is to transmit to future generations the passion of artists and the fundamental worth of art.

Through a variety of facilities supporting culture and art, such as its collector’s museum of contemporary art, WHAT MUSEUM, its materials lab, PIGMENT TOKYO, and of course the largest gallery complex in Japan, Terrada Art Complex, the company has recently been working to transform Tokyo’s Tennoz district into the world’s most exciting art capital.

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