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Vantage Health Technologies discover the state of our health equity in the U.S. now

ScienceVantage Health Technologies discover the state of our health equity in the U.S. now

The findings of the first annual State of U.S. Health Equity Survey, which was conducted by Vantage Health Technologies, a subsidiary of the BroadReach Group, which is a global social enterprise with nearly two decades of experience combining technological innovation with in-depth knowledge of healthcare, were recently made public. According to the findings of the poll, the sector as a whole recognises health equality as being of the utmost importance; nonetheless, there are very few concrete initiatives and strategies in place to address the issue.

Vantage Health Technologies conducted a survey between June and July 2022 to collect responses from nearly 200 (192) executives and senior decision-makers working for payers, providers, and other healthcare stakeholders. The purpose of the survey was to learn how organisations address health inequities within their plans. According to the findings, although 95 percent of respondents believe that addressing health equity is important for their organisation, nearly half of the respondents (43.5 percent) said that their organisation does not have a roadmap to address health equity across their people, process, and technology. Additionally, 45.3% only have a limited or ad hoc roadmap strategy in place. 53 percent of them are uncertain as to whether or not it will be a priority during the next 12–18 months. Surprisingly low numbers, just 8% of those surveyed responded that they would make it a priority.

According to Dr. John Sargent, founder of Vantage Health Technologies and BroadReach Group, “the data plainly reveals the United States is still in its early days of tackling health inequalities.” While health systems seek to enhance data gathering, technology that can help identify areas for improvement and offer a clear roadmap may be used right now. The provision of individualised care and meeting patients where they are in their journey is the single most essential thing that payers and providers can do.


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