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UpWest, a retail brand, has made an impact in New York City by partnering with the local nonprofit grow

StyleUpWest, a retail brand, has made an impact in New York City by partnering with the local nonprofit grow

This year, UpWest has expanded its presence in the New York metropolitan region by opening two new shops in the Williamsburg neighbourhood and the Roosevelt Field Mall. According to Jamie Schisler, UpWest’s Chief Comfort Officer, “We understood from the moment we launched the brand online that our client lives and works in New York City.” We are thrilled to have the chance to provide these clients with an in-person encounter with the IRL brand while also supporting community groups located in the area.

Both sites are affiliated with GrowNYC, an organisation whose goal is to enhance the quality of life in New York City via various environmental activities. GrowNYC is the recipient of one hundred percent of UpWest’s donation of revenues from opening weekend sales at their two New York locations, and the two organisations will continue to work together to generate funds throughout the year. Additionally, UpWest contributed funding to GrowNYC so that they could construct a community garden in Brooklyn. This garden is now being used by the community in order to cultivate newly harvested food and beautiful flowers. They did not stop there; instead, they collaborated with business partners in New York City to donate their time to GrowNYC in order to construct garden beds and benches, which were then delivered to other gardens located across the city. According to Mike Rezny, GrowNYC’s Assistant Director of Green Space, “Thanks to our partners at UpWest, we are able to further our mission of growing a greener and healthier city by providing hands-on education and gardening opportunities for schools and community gardens throughout New York City.” GrowNYC’s mission is to make the city greener and healthier.

In the latter half of 2017, UpWest intends to launch its third site in New York City in the Soho neighbourhood. In addition to that, along with a yoga studio in Williamsburg, they are conducting a clothes drive. UpWest is actively supporting its objective to provide comfort for people and the world in a variety of ways, including the construction of community gardens, the organisation of volunteer days in collaboration with GrowNYC, and the coordination of a clothes drive.

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