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Under the New Program, OtterBox Will Replace Both Your Screen and Your Screen Protectors

TechUnder the New Program, OtterBox Will Replace Both Your Screen and Your Screen Protectors

OtterBox has introduced a brand new application that will give an additional layer of protection to the screen of your smartphone. If your device screen breaks when it has Amplify or Alpha Glass installed, this new software will replace both the screen and the screen protector for you at no additional cost.

“We recognise that a broken phone screen may be more than a minor setback,” said Jim Parke, CEO of OtterBox. The OtterBox Protection Program extends the protection that our comprehensive limited lifetime warranty programme currently provides to your case and screen protector to your device screen as well.

Both the OtterBox Amplify and the Alpha Glass are meant to maintain the pristine appearance of your display. Displays may be protected from damage caused by micro scratches and drops without the risk of shattering thanks to our screen protectors. Even though these displays are constructed to endure, life may sometimes throw a curve ball, such as turning your device over and dropping it on a rock. In situations like these, the OtterBox Protection Program can help.

The OtterBox Protection Program assures that your display will continue to appear like new even after it has suffered damage from a fall that cracked the screen. If you have Amplify or Alpha Glass, you may register it on the app that corresponds to it, and the app will keep a record of proof of purchase after it has been registered. This will save you from having to search for a receipt in the event that your screen cracks. You may quickly submit a claim for a replacement screen protector, display, or both from inside the app. OtterBox provides a limited lifetime warranty on all of its devices as part of its promise. This additional step brings the quality of device protection to a whole new level.

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