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“Trump’s tweet and an uncontrolled White House meeting led to a Capitol brawl”

US"Trump's tweet and an uncontrolled White House meeting led to a Capitol brawl"

In a heated and “unhinged” dispute, Donald Trump fought objections from his White House lawyers to a plan, which was eventually discarded, to seize states’ voting machines. Then, in a last ditch effort to salvage his presidency, Donald Trump summoned supporters to march on the Capitol for what turned out to be deadly riots, according to the information that was revealed on Tuesday by the House January 6 panel.

During the seventh televised public hearing, the committee examined the impact of a tweet that Former President Trump sent on December 19 urging his supporters to descend on Washington on January 6 for a rally he promised would be “wild.” The tweet was sent on the same day that the committee held its seventh public hearing. A little more than an hour after Trump met at the White House with his attorney Rudy Giuliani, retired general Mike Flynn, and another attorney, Sidney Powell, for a meeting that one White House staffer characterised as “unhinged,” Trump sent out the tweet.

Oath Keepers and other racist and white nationalist organisations were energised and galvanised by Trump’s tweets, a committee member claimed, adding that two of Trump’s closest allies, former national security adviser Michael Flynn and political strategist Roger Stone also have ties to the group. The panel said that the march to the Capitol had been organised in advance, but Trump opted to wait until the morning of January 6 to announce it.

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