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There’s a chance that your next job interview may take place in virtual reality

TechThere's a chance that your next job interview may take place in virtual reality

For many individuals, going in for a job interview is the stuff of their worst fears, but for others, it is an opportunity to shine and demonstrate their skills.

Either way, you will most likely still be interviewed by other people, either by physically entering a terrifying office where one or more managers are seated behind desks, or by participating in an equally nerve-wracking Zoom call.

However, because of recent advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR) technology, it is possible that you may soon be interviewed for the job that you truly want by a machine.

Students at Sandwell College in West Bromwich donned virtual reality headsets and participated in a series of simulated job interviews earlier this year.

Another talking avatar, representing the artificial intelligence software system, interacted with the users’ 3D representations known as avatars. These avatars had a cartoonish appearance and were rendered in 3D.

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