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The USTDA Critical Minerals Processing Project in the Philippines was officially launched by Vice President Kamala Harris

USThe USTDA Critical Minerals Processing Project in the Philippines was officially launched by Vice President Kamala Harris

Eramen Minerals, Inc. (EMI), a Philippine mining company, was awarded a grant by the United States Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) for the purpose of conducting a feasibility study in order to move forward with the development of an environmentally sustainable nickel processing facility in the Philippines during the recent trip that the Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris, took to Manila. The production of vital minerals, which are essential components in the supply chain for energy storage systems and batteries, will be increased as a result of this initiative, which will hasten the transition to cleaner forms of energy.

According to Enoh T. Ebong, Director of the United States Trade and Development Agency (USTDA), “This collaboration is crucial to the shared renewable energy and national security priorities of the Philippines and the United States.” “By providing this award, not only are we helping to ensure that high-quality technical and environmental standards are maintained for mineral processing in the Philippines, but we are also opening up significant economic potential for American businesses.”

The purpose of this research is to determine whether or not it would be feasible, both technically and financially, for USTDA to construct a nickel processing plant at the site of EMI’s mine in Zambales Province. It is anticipated that the facility will use EMI’s nickel ore in order to generate refined products including nickel and cobalt for sale as battery precursor materials. The research will assist in defining the technical requirements for the facility and will encourage alignment with high standards for the environment, society, and government.

“EMI’s nickel mining activities are a source of vital materials for energy storage systems, and the company’s goal is to use these operations to make a contribution to the transition to clean energy and to the security of the energy supply.” In a similar vein, the corporation is in favour of the Philippine government’s initiatives to promote the value addition of minerals. According to Enrique C. Fernandez, President and Chief Executive Officer of EMI, “The grant from the USTDA helps to the realisation of such goals via the identification of the appropriate technique for our ore to manufacture battery-grade precursor materials.”

This project furthers the objectives of the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework and the Partnership for Global Infrastructure and Investment established by the Biden-Harris Administration. It does so by encouraging the development of supply chains for clean energy, which includes the mining of metals and critical minerals in an environmentally responsible manner.

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