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The United States Space Force has activated its first overseas component

USThe United States Space Force has activated its first overseas component

During a ceremony held on November 22 at Camp H.M. Smith, the United States Space Force formally activated and assigned the United States Space Forces, Indo-Pacific to the United States Indo-Pacific Command. The event was led by Brigadier General Anthony Mastalir.

USSPACEFOR-INDOPAC is the first component of the service to set up at an overseas combatant command. It is also the second component of the service to present troops to a combatant command. When it comes to the execution of obligations outlined in Title 10 for service-specific administration and support activities, the component reports directly to the Chief of Space Operations.

The Chief of Space Operations, General B. Chance Saltzman, said that “this is certainly a historic event for the Space Force.” “As we continue to integrate Space into the Joint Force, this is a crucial step.” Because modern warfare takes place across several domains, the combined team must include space operations more thoroughly.

Having field components that are devoted to space allows for the elimination of levels of bureaucracy and brings the method of providing forces to the commander into alignment with that of other services. In addition to this, the activation of the USSF component to INDOPACOM clarifies the command connections, duties, and responsibilities.

According to Adm. John Aquilino, head of the United States Indo-Pacific Command, “Our strategy needs the combined force to think, act, and operate differently by coordinating our operations, re-aligning our posture, and upgrading our warfighting capabilities.”

Integrating at the component level, USSF service components offer combatant commanders with a subordinate space commander, organic space planning and employment knowledge, and space command and control that is centred on the operational warfighting goals and needs of the joint force.

USSPACEFOR-INDOPAC will equip USINDOPAC with a cadre of space specialists who can collaborate with allies and partners to integrate space activities into joint operations, activities, and investments. These expertise will be provided by USSPACEFOR-INDOPAC. By acting in this manner, USSPACEFOR-INDOPAC improves the security of an area that stretches from the Indian Ocean to the west coast of the United States, taking in South and East Asia in between. Additionally, USSPACEFOR-INDOPAC enhances U.S. alliances in the area while working to maintain peace and order across the region.

A statement made by the commander of the United States Space Forces Pacific, Brigadier General Anthony Mastalir, said that “today we double down on our resolve to integrate space across all components, all domains.” “Our mission is straightforward: we are tasked with ensuring that warfighters in INDOPACOM utilise the combat impacts that are available from space capabilities. These capabilities span all branches of the armed forces, the intelligence community, and commercial space.”

It has been decided that the headquarters of USSPACEFOR-INDOPAC will be located at Joint Base Pearl Harbor – Hickam in Hawaii. This decision was made in order to maximise synergy with the headquarters of USINDOPACOM as well as the existing Air Operations Center with the United States Pacific Air Forces.

The presentation of forces to other combatant commands is modelled after the set up at USINDOPACOM, which is the template used by the USSF. By the conclusion of the current calendar year, the nation’s newest military branch intends to have established two more component field commands and presented them to both United States Central Command and United States Forces Korea. In addition, preparations are being made to construct USSF service components at each of the combatant commands that are still active.

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