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The story of the evolution of one of the most diverse motorsport teams in the world

SportsThe story of the evolution of one of the most diverse motorsport teams in the world

Motors Formula Team, sometimes known as “MFT,” is a racing team located in Monaco and Mauritius that operates as a worldwide one-stop motorsport agency. They provide a wide range of services that are sport-driven as well as automotive in nature. MFT has been very successful over the last eight years, which has allowed the company to extend its racing-focused services to include pilot management, coaching, training, motorsports consulting, communication, sim racing, advertising, and event organising. MFT’s dedication to diversity, which, along with benchmarking against industry standards, is at the very heart of its strategy, distinguishes the company as a leader among its peers in the racing sector.

Ludovic Pezé, a French-Mauritian entrepreneur who is now 30 years old and was born and raised in Monaco, established Motors Formula Team in the year 2014.

The captivating narrative that illustrates Ludovic’s progressive ascension to the top of the racing business, as well as his personal journey, can be found in his doggedness, intelligence, and determination, as well as his lack of fear and his desire to defy the odds. Competent race pilots and successful business owners both possess these skills, which are essential to their success.

He was born into a family whose primary focus was on racing, and his father spent many years working as a mechanic in karting, as well as in vintage competition and restoration in rally and F3 Classic. He was able to attend races at an early age, where he could chat with drivers and explore the pit stops. His introduction at a young age to racing vehicles served as the seed that eventually grew into a love for automobiles, racing, and other forms of motorsport.

As a result of contracting meningitis and being bedridden in 2013, he was forced to withdraw from college and put all of his other plans on hold.

The second major interest in his life is the pursuit of a career in the medical field. While he was in the hospital being treated for meningitis, he had a second passion, which was to start his own racing firm.

As a result, Ludovic made his dream come true in 2014 by establishing Motors Formula Team in Monaco with offices in his mother’s native country of Mauritius. This organisation is dedicated to providing FIA-approved training, coaching, management, and an extensive range of services for a racing team that is both inclusive and environmentally responsible.

“Jamie Allan as commercial developer, Fabrice Le Moul as a motorsport expert with a track record of working with champions at the Renault F1 team, Arnaud Lapouze as a graphic designer, Jahee Campbell-Brennan as a member of the diversity panel at Motorsport UK, and Anna Kebke as an environmental and sustainability specialist” were the names that were presented by the official Monaco spokesman for the company.

At this moment, the MFT squad is the most varied of any team in Europe.

On the driver’s side, MFT talent includes a number of pilots who are affiliated with the organisation, such as David Dalton Junior, Toka Murphy, Tyron Kinard (karting), and Lucas Urbani (karting). However, the most prestigious member of this group is Jann Mardenborough, who has just signed a multi-year contract with the organisation.

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