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The legendary Marilyn Monroe garment has reportedly been damaged as a result of Kim Kardashian’s carelessness

StyleThe legendary Marilyn Monroe garment has reportedly been damaged as a result of Kim Kardashian's carelessness

Artifacts and other historical things transport you into the past and provide a window into the people, customs, and practises that were prevalent during that time period. One such custom and occurrence that has happened in the course of history is illustrated by the dress worn by Marilyn Monroe, which Kim Kardashian is accused of permanently damaging in some way. The dress worn by Marilyn Monroe is considered a watershed moment in the annals of American fashion history.

This was the outfit that Marilyn Monroe wore to the celebration of John F. Kennedy’s 45th birthday. While wearing the garment, she serenaded and wished John F. Kennedy well. After Marilyn, Kim wore the outfit at the Met Gala, following in her footsteps. Scott Fortner discovered the damage, which consisted of tears and crystals that were missing from the rear of the item.

The fabric at the back of the dress was stretched, and there was a loose thread with crystals that were missing from it.

It was speculated that Kim would not be able to fit into the dress, which led her to engage in rigorous exercise and stringent dietary restrictions—behaviors for which she has been chastised. In addition, the zip was broken, so she hid the gap with a white fur stole that she draped over her shoulders.

At the Met Gala, when Kim wore the garment, she received a lot of appreciation since it reflected important moments in American history. However, when it was revealed that she had caused damage to the clothing, she was met with opposition and criticism from a large number of individuals.

Since it is a unique artwork that has been maintained in a secure location ever since it was introduced as a tourist attraction, it should not be handed to public figures or regular people.

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