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The First Blessing Culture Festival Began Its First Day of Events in Fengdu

ArtThe First Blessing Culture Festival Began Its First Day of Events in Fengdu

On January 23, the first Blessing Cultural Festival was held in Fengdu County, which is located inside Chongqing. The following month will play host to over a dozen events, the most notable of which are the blessing ritual, the opening ceremony of the Blessing Culture Festival, the light and shadow display of phoenix ascension, and the Fengdu Cultural International Exchange Seminar.

During the ritual of blessing, the host gathered everyone together, including the audience and the guests, to pray for the people of Fengdu. The classic mythological figures, who were portrayed by actors and parading about the Mingshan scenic place, took part in the blessing ceremony, saw the ancient ceremonial system of the Chinese country, and expressed their appreciation for the blessing culture of Fengdu. It made it possible for locals to take part in the celebration in a more in-depth manner.

The light and shadow display that was shown during the phoenix ascension was a significant event that took place at the Cultural Blessing Festival. In this show, which was based on the 5,000-year-old Phoenix City of Fengdu, the phoenix culture served as the central focus, and the national treasure cultural relic known as “Bayu Divine Bird” served as the basis for a comprehensive investigation into the cultural significance of various cultural artefacts. It portrayed the humanistic spirit of the Fengdu people via five chapters that were about the lovely significance of the phoenix. This spirit was displayed through steadfast belief, hard labour, and spectacular rebirth.

The complete light and shadow display was modernised and applied with new visual, sound, and light technology. This allowed for the creation of a light and shadow performance that linked the Yangtze River Bridge with the mountains on both the north and south banks. This event was the first of its kind in the nation to combine light and shadow effects with a laser display, scene interpretation, and digital multimedia. At the same time, a number of other human-computer interaction experience projects have been created. These projects have overcome the limitations of conventional light and shadow displays, which can only be observed, and have significantly increased the amount of interactive engagement.

The Blessing Cultural Festival is being hosted in Fengdu for the very first time this year. This is a practical step that the city of Fengdu is doing in order to implement cultural innovation and tourist entrepreneurship. Exploring ways in which culture and tourism might be integrated is a novel and cutting-edge endeavour. The Blessing Cultural Festival will continue until the 21st of February, when it will come to a close.

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