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The 2022 Annual Report for Toyota Motor North America has Been Released

BusinessThe 2022 Annual Report for Toyota Motor North America has Been Released

One of the fundamental principles upheld by Toyota Motor North America (TMNA) is regard for the environment. This value is shown by the company’s efforts to have a net positive impact on both society and the globe, going beyond the goal of having no negative effect on the environment.

TMNA is pleased to announce the introduction of its newly renovated website, which will better emphasise the company’s ongoing efforts to develop a more sustainable future. The website has articles and films that bring to life the people, collaborations, and inner stories of innovation that are driving the company’s development. In addition, the website hosts Toyota’s yearly North American Environmental Reports. The 21st report that TMNA has produced has been modernised and streamlined, and it now includes additional data metrics tables to assist readers in better understanding the progress that the company has made on its environmental sustainability goals across all of its operations and product lines in North America.

The most recent version of the website devoted to the preservation of the natural environment may be found at Environmental Strategy. The new website, which can be accessed via the Data & Report Hub, has the annual report for 2022, which includes the extra metrics tables.

According to Kevin Butt, who is the senior director of Environmental Sustainability at the corporation, “as a company, we are continually seeking to do better.” “Both the modified structure of our website and the new format of our annual report are aimed to assist our stakeholders in gaining a better understanding of our objectives and efforts in the realm of environmental sustainability. The new charts and features will show the progress that we are making by using data that is relevant to the situation and tales that are relatable to users.

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