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Telegram plans to provide a premium paid version with more capabilities

TechTelegram plans to provide a premium paid version with more capabilities

In a recent announcement made by the creator of Telegram, Pavel Durov, it was revealed that the firm would begin providing a service known as Telegram Premium later on this month. According to a story that was published by 9to5Google, Durov asserts that the new premium product would go “above and beyond” what Telegram presently provides for its users.

According to the platform’s creator, the decision to bring out a service that requires a membership was taken after the requests of the platform’s most devoted followers. Users who have upgraded to a paid plan will have access to a wider variety of services and resources.

Users will also be able to support Telegram and join a club that gets new features early by taking use of this functionality “he said.

It is important to note that the change will not have any effect on users who are already subscribed to Telegram, and that the service will continue to be provided at no cost to all users notwithstanding the addition of new features. The study goes on to say that even users who aren’t paying for Premium will benefit from those who do pay for it. Free users will be able to see the files, media, and stickers that have been supplied by Premium users. One advantage of the service is that the file sizes of these files will be much larger.

Free users who wish to utilise a premium response that has previously been used on a message will be allowed to do so as long as the reaction is currently in use on the message. According to recent reports, WhatsApp, a competitor of Telegram, is also working on a premium membership plan that would give extra functionality to users of WhatsApp Business.

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