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Tag: Gazprom

Europe’s Leaders, Fearful of Freezing Temperatures and Flaming Tempers, Promise Economic Relief

This past weekend, European nations took steps to mitigate the negative effects of rising expenses and a worsening energy crisis brought on by the...

Less Beer, Cold Water, and Dry Fountains? Germans Take It Slowly When It Comes to Energy Conservation

Wolfgang Hübschle hoped to lead a leisurely life in municipal administration, organising events such as Oktoberfests complete with lederhosen. As a result, he's now tasked...

According to Eni of Italy, Gazprom will cut gas supplies by fifty percent starting on Friday

Following claims made by Rome that the Russian state-backed business Gazprom was peddling "lies" over a series of cutbacks, Italy's Eni said that it...

The price of gas in Europe continues to rise despite Russia’s efforts to decrease Nord Stream’s output

Gazprom, a state-controlled energy giant, announced on Tuesday that natural gas deliveries from Russia to Europe through a key pipeline are expected to decrease...

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