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Sundar Pichai, CEO of Alphabet, said, “Think of AI as an assistant… will touch all sectors”

TechSundar Pichai, CEO of Alphabet, said, "Think of AI as an assistant... will touch all sectors"

When asked whether or not artificial intelligence would end up replacing humans in the long run at the Google for India event on Monday, Alphabet and Google CEO Sundar Pichai had this to say in response to the question: “You can think of it as having AI assistants, pretty much to help you with most things.”

Pichai made these comments at a #WomenWill lecture that she co-hosted with the actress and novelist Twinkle Khanna. During this event, Google also highlighted the work that several women-led firms are doing in the area of artificial intelligence.

Pichai said that he views AI as a technology that may assist people in doing many of their activities in a more effective manner. During the course of our discussion, he provided an illustration of how AI was playing a significant part in assisting a large number of players in enhancing their chess abilities. You now have access to supercomputers, which are essentially chess programmes and artificial intelligence programmes, that are capable of playing chess better than people. However, there are now more individuals playing chess than at any other time in history, and many of them are turning to artificial intelligence (AI) systems in order to improve their game. “That’s a wonderful parallel to think about how AI may touch all areas,” he added. “I believe that’s a fair analogy.”

He emphasised that this may hold true for artistic industries in the future as well and spoke about the enthusiasm around “generative models.” Both the popular chatbot ChatGPT and Google’s proprietary LamDA chatbot are examples of generative artificial intelligence models.

“You’ll get access to an AI assistant that will aid you with the piece of art that you’re composing. In the end, I believe that society will appreciate the work that people accomplish. And I believe that people, working with AI, can do a better job. “So if I were to think about it, that’s how I would approach it,” he remarked.

When asked whether AI might also assist guarantee more equality, Pichai responded by saying that they were aware of this worry and working to address it. He emphasised the fact that technology has the potential to be a tremendous leveller and provided the illustration of Google’s Internet Saathi initiative, which has made it simpler for rural Indian women to get smartphones and access the internet.

Khanna also questioned Pichai, on a lighter note, how he balances work and family life, which is a subject that is often asked of female CEOs but never asked of male CEOs. Pichai responded by saying that he and his wife split their time and take turns caring for the children and other members of the household. “We each have a turn with most things. He made light of the situation by saying, “I’m loving the time of my children being in school and college and I am a tutor for them right now for many things, before AI handles it.”

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