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The following statement was released by Seven Wasserman, President of the National Association of Assistant U.S. Attorneys (NAAUSA), which represents the interests of Assistant U.S. Attorneys (AUSAs) serving in the 94 U.S. Attorney Offices:

It is unconscionable that people have targeted federal law enforcement, and notably the Federal Bureau of Investigation, with false assaults and threats of violence during the last week. These threats undermine the integrity of our criminal justice system, put the lives of law enforcement professionals all throughout the nation in danger, and show a basic misunderstanding about the apolitical role that federal law enforcement agencies play. Let there be no confusion: the use of violence is not permissible in our administration and does not constitute legitimate political action. The President of NAAUSA, Steve Wasserman, said that any attempts to disrupt federal law enforcement activities by the use of violence are unlawful and would be faced with the full weight of the criminal justice system.

When an American citizen is suspected of wrongdoing, there is a procedure for getting a warrant and investigating the alleged offence that is purposefully laborious and time-consuming. This procedure is dependent on the facts, the investigation skills of law enforcement, and the legal understanding of lawyers. These professional civil employees examine the facts of a case in light of the applicable legislation without taking into account the political philosophy or affiliation of the parties engaged in the matter. False claims of political influence at this level, Wasserman added, undercut the safeguards that are built into our criminal justice system, which are supposed to protect the accused and maintain the system’s integrity regardless of who is being probed.

In addition, it is against the law for federal workers to participate in political activities of a partisan nature while they are acting in their official position as federal employees. The American people can have peace of mind in the knowledge that if there is a legitimate claim of political interference, there is a process within our federal government that is stringent and well-enforced for handling these claims and protecting whistleblowers who raise these claims. If there is a legitimate claim of political interference, the American people can rest assured knowing that if there is a legitimate claim of political interference.

“Given the massive safeguards entrenched in our system to guarantee the apolitical delivery of government services, the spike in violence against federal law enforcement is exceedingly disturbing. This is because of the extensive protections embedded in our government.” The latest Joint Intelligence Bulletin on Violent Threats Against Federal Law Enforcement, Courts, and Government Personnel and Facilities further highlights the disturbing atmosphere that presently prevails in our civic debate.

“We continue to urge on Congress to pass legislation to safeguard the private personal information of all federal law enforcement professionals, from front-line agents to prosecutors to federal judges. This measure should protect the privacy of all federal law enforcement personnel.” This week, a radical media outlet disclosed the identities of two FBI agents who participated in the search at the residence of the former president of the United States, Donald Trump. As a result, the officers are now at danger of being targeted in a physical assault. When a disgruntled attorney broke into the house of a United States Federal Court Judge Esther Salas in the year 2020, we saw firsthand how the disclosure of private information might have catastrophic consequences. The gunman was responsible for the death of Judge Salas’ son and also wounded her husband. The records from the Justice Department show that over 500 threats have been made against federal prosecutors and their families in the last several years. These threats are made against law enforcement professionals on a regular basis. It was a stroke of incredible good luck that law enforcement officers at the FBI Field Office in Cincinnati were able to effectively subdue the armed man who attempted an assault on the facility a week ago.

Criminals who attempt to undermine our judicial system by disclosing information about law enforcement agencies need to be subject to harsh repercussions. “Wasserman’s conclusion was that legislation to protect law enforcement data is necessary right now to protect the officers, judges, attorneys, and other law enforcement professionals who are facing substantial and unjustified attacks from individuals who refuse to acknowledge the critical and apolitical role law enforcement serves,” and she went on to say that “it is imperative that this legislation be enacted as quickly as possible.”

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