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Snap! Mobile, Inc. and Vanta Have Entered Into a Partnership to Provide Support for Esports Athletes and Teams

SportsSnap! Mobile, Inc. and Vanta Have Entered Into a Partnership to Provide Support for Esports Athletes and Teams

Snap! Mobile, Inc., the parent company of Snap! Raise, the industry-leading solution for group-based fundraising, has just announced a strategic relationship between its group-based fundraising solution, Snap! Raise, and Vanta, a platform for child esports competitions.

Vanta collaborates with educational institutions to provide a digital esports platform, competitive and club esports leagues and camps, as well as professional coaching and specialised curriculum for elementary, middle, and high school programmes. Through this cooperation, Snap! Mobile will be able to broaden its reach to include even more high school programmes, and Vanta clients will have access to a safe and effective method of fund-raising, tracking, managing, and reporting on their program’s finances as a result. Snap! and Vanta will collaborate to develop new ways for educational institutions to harness the potential of competitive video gaming (esports) and encourage the development of their students.

“As a consequence, many schools are unable to obtain adequate financing,” stated Cole Morgan, CEO, Founder, and Chairman of Snap! Mobile, Inc. “Because of our relationship with Vanta, we are able to offer students additional options to participate in esports at a lower out-of-pocket cost, including for coaching, technology, and development camps.”

“Snap! Raise makes it simpler for esports teams to develop powerful esports programmes, and we are looking forward to creating chances for even more children to get engaged in esports.”

Morgan is energised by the prospect of giving students more agency while competing in esports. 71% of children in the United States who are under the age of 18 play video games, as stated in the study titled “2022 Essential Facts about the Video Game Industry” published by the Entertainment Software Association. The research also revealed that 97% of American adults consider video games to be useful in some manner, mostly due to the fact that they assist acquire new abilities and ways of thinking, as well as encourage interaction in person and online.

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