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Slack’s Chief Executive Officer Will Resign in January

TechSlack's Chief Executive Officer Will Resign in January

On Monday, Stewart Butterfield, the chief executive of Slack, a platform for communication in the workplace that is owned by Salesforce, announced that he would be leaving his post in January.

Mr. Butterfield, who was instrumental in the founding of Slack, made the announcement of his resignation from the company less than a week after Bret Taylor, the co-chief executive of Salesforce, resigned from his position. Mr. Taylor, who is also departing the firm in January, was instrumental in the negotiation process that resulted in Microsoft’s $27.7 billion purchase of Slack in 2020.

Salesforce was first established by Marc Benioff, who will continue to serve as the company’s chief executive officer. Slack’s current Chief Executive Officer, Stewart Butterfield, will be replaced by Lidiane Jones, an executive at Salesforce Cloud. Tamar Yehoshua, who serves as chief product officer for Slack, has decided to leave Salesforce.

“Stewart is an exceptional leader who is responsible for the creation of a wonderful and well-loved firm.” A spokesperson for Salesforce stated in a statement that “He has helped drive the successful integration of Slack into Salesforce.”

Insider broke the news earlier that Mr. Butterfield will be leaving his position.

Slack, which began operations in 2010, saw rapid expansion and became public in 2019. Slack is used by businesses so that their employees may rapidly and often interact with one another in groups. Its acquisition by Salesforce highlighted how the global coronavirus epidemic had firmly established telecommuting and significantly altered the nature of the workplace.

The cost of acquiring Slack was roughly twice as much as that of Salesforce’s next most expensive purchase. Tableau, a business that specialises in data visualisation, was acquired by Salesforce in 2019 for a price of $15.3 billion. On Thursday, Mark Nelson, the chief executive of Tableau, resigned from his position at Salesforce.

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