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Reactions from the Sports World to the News Regarding Charles Barkley

SportsReactions from the Sports World to the News Regarding Charles Barkley

In a recent interview, Kathleen Finch, the chief content officer of U.S. networks for WarnerBrothers Discovery, said that not only has Charles Barkley signed a new agreement with the business, but that they also aim to employ Sir Charles in additional capacities than only covering the NBA on TNT.

According to Finch, who was quoted in The Hollywood Reporter, he said that “it was very great to sit down with him and celebrate his new deal” because “he is just such a really nice man” and “he is such a fantastic member of that team.” “I can’t wait to figure out other topics for him to discuss on television outside basketball so that he can get more exposure there. mostly due to the fact that he has a lot to say. He is simply an average man that is interested in a wide variety of topics. I was able to pique his interest in Celebrity IOU.”

Even though Barkley’s existing deal had three more years to go, WarnerMedia made extending it a priority in order to secure his services for the foreseeable future.

Some people are looking forward to it when Barkley plays new parts on television, while others aren’t so sure about it at all.

In the next 2022-2023 season, Barkley will continue his position as an analyst for Inside The NBA, where he has been employed for more than twenty years.

Before he signed this new deal, he was allegedly getting $10 million per year for that task, in addition to an additional $10 million in sponsorships.

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