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“Polls” are a new feature in Microsoft Teams that will make meetings more interactive

Tech"Polls" are a new feature in Microsoft Teams that will make meetings more interactive

Microsoft has announced the launch of a new feature called “polls,” which will enable users to immediately generate polls using the Microsoft Forms app, so making meetings in Teams more engaging.

According to an official source, this function will make it possible for users to get the information they want without having to exit a meeting or a group chat in order to do so.

You may submit a poll in a Teams channel or obtain rapid feedback in a chat pane by going to the channel or chat in which you want to include a poll, then selecting Forms at the bottom of your Teams window, and finally adding your question and the possible answers to that question.

Additionally, if you wish to permit multiple answers, click or touch the option next to Multiple answers. After that, pick whether you want the results of the vote to be shared automatically and/or if you want respondents’ identities to be kept private, and then select Save.

Finally, preview your poll, and then either click Edit to make modifications or click Send to publish it as is.

According to the article, the real-time poll results will be shown in the group discussion as members participate in the poll.

According to the research, Microsoft Forms may be a helpful tool for teams who require a simple method to run a poll while participating in a meeting or a virtual chat. This allows the teams to gather replies and input in real time.

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