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On the luxury cruise ship ‘World Traveller,’ L’OCCITANE Spa Has Just Opened Its Doors

TravelOn the luxury cruise ship 'World Traveller,' L'OCCITANE Spa Has Just Opened Its Doors

Spa L’OCCITANE is pleased to announce the launch of its new spa onboard the World Traveller, a newly introduced, exquisite cruise ship managed by Atlas Ocean Voyages.

This little luxury yacht-style cruise ship holds 200 passengers. It provides a flawless, highly customised service to guests looking to discover unusual and interesting isolated sites across the globe in a comfortable and elegant setting.

SeaSpa by L’OCCITANE will provide clients with a completely integrated and comprehensive well-being experience via a variety of innovative treatments using L’OCCITANE en Provence’s hallmark beauty products. All of the special products, which highlight the Provencal way of life, are formulated in the brand’s own labs using natural and organic components of confirmed origin and proven efficacy.

The stunning 88m2 (947 sq ft) aboard spa promises to be a refuge of relaxation and tranquilly, as it provides a variety of holistic treatments and a customised spa menu. Two treatment rooms are included in the hospitable and pleasant spa area, which is decorated in nautical blue and has soft loungers with ocean views and a Serenity Lounge. In addition, there is an infrared sauna, an outside pool, two hot tubs, a fitness studio, a jogging track, and a solarium on the deck.

Guests of World Traveller will begin their spa experience with a calming Welcome Ritual, followed by a treatment meant to stimulate all of the senses, accompanied by peaceful music and herbal teas inspired by Provencal traditions. All treatments are conducted by hand, and ancient massage methods are used to create a tranquil and genuine experience that soothes the body and mind and promotes a sense of comprehensive well-being.

Immortelle Divine Secret, using products from the award-winning Immortelle skincare line by L’OCCITANE en Provence, will be one of the effective and calming treatments offered at SeaSpa. The golden Immortelle flowers, which are cultivated organically in Corsica, are abundant in anti-aging compounds. The treatment contains only 100 percent traceable organic Immortelle essential oil.

This remarkable anti-aging facial treatment of 90 minutes is great for addressing deep wrinkles and lines, smoothing and firming skin texture, and addressing age spots and uneven skin tone. It combats sagging skin on the face, neck, and décolleté using lifting and shaping massage methods mixed with essential oils, such as organic myrtle. This innovative skin-enhancing treatment produces a young and vibrant look.

In addition, L’OCCITANE en Provence Aromachology products will be provided in the bathrooms of all three-deck guest suites.

The World Traveller has the most modern waste management system in the cruise industry, lowering its environmental effect significantly. In addition, a hybrid hydro-jet propulsion system enables the ship to go up to five knots nearly quietly, eliminating underwater noise that might stress marine life. A GPS-based Dynamic Positioning System enables the ship to avoid dropping anchor, therefore protecting the ocean bottom.

James Rodriguez, president and chief executive officer of Atlas Ocean Voyages, said, “We are pleased to provide L’OCCITANE en Provence trademark treatments to our World Traveller visitors.” At Atlas, we are acutely conscious of the fragility of the global ecology. Our two firms have a strong commitment to environmental responsibility.

Catherine Tran, Director of Spa Business Development at Spa L’OCCITANE, said, “We are happy and privileged to cooperate with the Atlas Ocean Voyages team.” We are thrilled that World Traveller is making every effort to lessen its influence on the maritime environment, since sustainability is core to our business.

L’OCCITANE en Provence has been an eco-pioneer from its founding in 1976, when it implemented a return policy for glass bottles. With the tagline Reduce, Recycle, React, it has implemented sustainable production practises and environmentally friendly packaging since then.

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