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MRT Jakarta and the United States Trade and Development Agency are Partners in Sustainable Public Transit

USMRT Jakarta and the United States Trade and Development Agency are Partners in Sustainable Public Transit

PT Mass Rapid Transit Jakarta (MRT Jakarta), the operator of Jakarta’s public transit system, was awarded a grant by the US Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) for the purpose of conducting a feasibility study to advance the decarbonization of Jakarta’s MRT system through the use of renewable energy. With the aid of USTDA, MRT Jakarta will be able to realise its goal of deriving all of its operational electricity from sources of renewable energy by the year 2040.

Enoh T. Ebong, the Director of USTDA, stated that the organisation is “proud to partner with MRT Jakarta on its renewable energy initiative,” which will serve as a model for transit operators in Indonesia and throughout the Indo-Pacific region. “USTDA is proud to partner with MRT Jakarta on its renewable energy initiative,” “Public transportation will be essential for Indonesia to accomplish its climate objectives,” and because of our assistance for this innovative initiative, the MRT Jakarta will be able to link with cutting-edge technology and climate-smart solutions from the United States.

The research that is being conducted by USTDA will provide assistance to MRT Jakarta in evaluating the potential of establishing a renewable energy project to facilitate the transition of the MRT system’s power supply to sources that are powered by renewable energy. The study is going to analyse and recommend implementation plans for several key components of the initiative. These key components include installing solar panels on rooftops across the rail system, gaining access to power from new renewable energy power plants in Indonesia, and implementing energy efficiency and storage projects in rail stations, depots, and other facilities to reduce MRT Jakarta’s overall energy demand.

“MRT Jakarta views itself as a catalyst for change since it provides public transportation that is less harmful to the environment and decreases the amount of dependency that our community has on private automobiles. With the aid of this research and our collaboration with USTDA, we will be able to better plan our transition to renewable energy and provide our inhabitants with a mobility option that produces less emissions. According to Tuhiyat, President Director of MRT Jakarta, this will contribute to a decrease in emissions across Indonesia as well as an improvement in the air quality of the city.

The support provided by the USTDA promotes one of the fundamental pillars of the Partnership for Global Infrastructure and Investment that was established by the Biden-Harris Administration in order to combat the climate catastrophe and strengthen global energy security. This project also promotes the aims of the United States Trade and Development Agency’s Global Partnership for Climate-Smart Infrastructure, which links U.S. business to large sustainable transportation and energy infrastructure projects in developing countries. Through the Global Climate Partnership, the United States Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) has provided funding for more than 50 programmes in developing economies with the goal of raising over $65 billion in climate financing.

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