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Karim Benzema’s Stellar Performance Leads Real Madrid to Dominant Victory over Elche

SportsKarim Benzema's Stellar Performance Leads Real Madrid to Dominant Victory over Elche

Madrid took an early lead and maintained their advantage throughout the match, which was not surprising given that Elche are now last in La Liga with just nine points for the whole season.

Within the first 15 minutes of play, Asensio opened the score with a superb run that wound its way to a finish. Benzema scored the following two goals for Madrid, both coming from the penalty spot, to give his team a commanding 3-0 lead going into halftime. After 15 minutes had passed, Luka Modric scored his fourth goal to cap off an impressive performance by burying the ball into the top corner of the goal. Madrid is currently eight points behind Barcelona and will need aid from others to continue in the championship race, but they were able to avoid falling much farther behind in this match.

Even if he hasn’t precisely been in a scoring slump, Karim Benzema was in desperate need of his goals on Wednesday. Even though he has been plagued with injuries this season, the current Ballon d’Or winner is still Madrid’s lone genuine goal-scoring threat despite the fact that Madrid is short-handed through the centre of the field. The ease with which Madrid accomplished their goals thanks to his brace virtually put an end to the contest at the break. The Frenchman had a very fruitful evening despite the fact that he did not complete a hat trick throughout the game.

Elche’s center-back Enzo Roco exemplified the team’s troubles throughout the match, as the evening was destined to be a challenging one from the start. The Chilean player was unsure from the very first minute, and they struggled to maintain their calm in possession early on. He also did a lot to help the home team by giving away a penalty that Madrid converted with their second goal. After committing yet another foolish foul, Roco was very lucky to remain on the field when the halftime whistle blew. The situation continued to deteriorate.

Real Madrid’s performance against Elche was in par with what was anticipated, but the club still has a long way to go to win La Liga. They are now eight points behind Barcelona and only have one more match against the Blaugrana this campaign. Every victory counts, but they can’t afford to look beyond the fact that Barcelona is struggling.

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