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Jeremiah Green, the drummer for Modest Mouse, passed away at the age of 45

ArtJeremiah Green, the drummer for Modest Mouse, passed away at the age of 45

Jeremiah Green, who was a drummer and one of the founding members of Modest Mouse, an indie rock band that soared to mainstream prominence in the early 2000s, passed away on Saturday. Green was a founding member of the band. He was 45.

His family acknowledged his passing on Facebook and said that he had been battling cancer for some time. The circumstances surrounding his death were not immediately evident.

A few days after a bandmate, Isaac Brock, revealed that Mr. Green had cancer and was receiving treatment for it, the band announced on Instagram that Mr. Green had “laid down to rest and just faded away.”

On Christmas Day, Mr. Green’s mother, Carol Namatame, announced on Facebook that her son had advanced cancer to Stage 4. She did not elaborate on the specific kind of cancer she had.

In the early 1990s, Mr. Green was one of the original members of Modest Mouse, a band that originated in Issaquah, Washington, which is located just outside of Seattle. Popular songs by the band include “Ocean Breathes Salty,” “Dashboard,” and “Float On.” The latter song became an universal pop anthem and was sampled by the rapper Lupe Fiasco in his song “The Show Goes On.” Other hit singles by the band include “Ocean Breathes Salty,” “Dashboard,” and “Float On.”

The band Modest Mouse, whose music ranged from dark and experimental to light and airy pop, published their most recent album, titled “The Golden Casket,” in 2021.

Pitchfork described the album as “a succession of pinging, clanging, and echoing tactile delights, an imaginative background for Isaac Brock’s typical combination of forced optimism and unforced anxiety” in their review of the record.

Mr. Green said that he resided in Port Townsend, Washington, in the Pacific Northwest, during an interview in the year 2020 for the podcast titled “Never Meet Your Idols.”

He reminisced about how he grew envious when his brother was given a bass and how it led to the accidental beginning of his career as a drummer when he was a youngster. After that, Mr. Green’s family purchased a drum set for him.

Mr. Green said that he and his brother started listening to punk rock at a young age, and that they both had a strong desire to participate in the music industry. “I’m not sure what possessed me to choose drums.”

He highlighted early percussive influences such as Brendan Canty of the band Fugazi and Bill Ward of Black Sabbath as among of his inspirations. He said that they both had an influence on his approach and that he looked up to Johnny Marr, who had been the guitarist for the Smiths and then joined Modest Mouse. He claimed that Marr was one of his musical heroes.

Mr. Marr described Mr. Green as his “friend, bandmate, and the most brilliant musician I’ve ever encountered” in a post that he made on Twitter on Sunday.

There was no instant access to a comprehensive list of Mr. Green’s surviving family and friends.

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