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It Did Not Seem Possible That Fernando Tatis Jr. Would Turn Out to Be the Winner. Perhaps He Really Was

SportsIt Did Not Seem Possible That Fernando Tatis Jr. Would Turn Out to Be the Winner. Perhaps He Really Was

Tatis responded in February 2021, when the San Diego Padres signed him to a 14-year, $340 million deal, to the audacity of their commitment by making a remark that was just as audacious: “I want the statue.” Tatis then led the National League in home runs and came close to winning a Most Valuable Player Award, all of which occurred before Tatis reached the age of 23.

If something sounded too good to be true, there’s a strong chance that it was. On Friday, the Major League Baseball Commissioner issued a suspension for Tatis that will keep him out of action for the remainder of the season, calling into question the judgement of the Padres in continuing to play him. Clostebol is a performance-enhancing substance, and Tatis tested positive for its presence.

Tatis underwent wrist surgery in March after hurting himself during the off-season by falling off his motorbike – more than once, he said. The suspension brings an end to a difficult season for Tatis, who revealed that he fell off his motorcycle more than once. Last Monday, he started a rehabilitation assignment, but the four games that he plays for Class AA San Antonio will be the whole of his performance for the year 2022.

At the time that the statement was made, the Padres still had 48 games left on their schedule, which means that Tatis’ ban will extend far into the year 2023. It will be a tribute to the recklessness of a guy who had been heralded as an important part of baseball’s future because so many games would be missing from his record.

Juan Soto, a legendary outfielder, was acquired by Preller from the Washington Nationals at the trade deadline on August 2. This was the most sensational move made by Preller. The acquisition of Soto, who will not be eligible for free agency until after the 2024 season, was the highlight of a July deal that also featured first baseman Josh Bell, closer Josh Hader, and utility player Brandon Drury.

When Major League Baseball announced Tatis’ punishment, the Padres still held one of the three wild-card spots in the National League, but their hold was tenuous. They were just one game ahead of the Milwaukee Brewers in the loss column at the time. Tatis hit.245 with a.112 slugging percentage throughout the last 41 contests of the 2017 season for a squad that finished the year with a record of 11-30 and missed the postseason as a result.

Tatis continued by demonstrating an obvious overestimation of his abilities on the motorcycle. However, he still had the opportunity to make this year memorable by being the last player added to a strong lineup that was competing for the first title in the history of the organisation.

Tony Gwynn and Trevor Hoffman, two Padres players whose careers are being commemorated with monuments at Petco Park, were unable to present it. Another Hall of Famer, Dave Winfield, who was the first player to be represented on his plaque wearing a Padres hat, was unable to do so either. Tatis still has time to win a championship, but it’s possible that his legacy — the statue, the day in Cooperstown, and the credibility of his accomplishments — won’t pan out the way he envisioned it would.

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