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Global Citizen Award Honoree Harasimowicz Passes Torch to World Champion Hanisch at ShareLove.Fund Paella Night

WorldGlobal Citizen Award Honoree Harasimowicz Passes Torch to World Champion Hanisch at ShareLove.Fund Paella Night

In a remarkable event that showcased the intersection of philanthropy, sports, and art, Paulina Harasimowicz, the esteemed Harvard University student and recipient of the ShareLove.Fund International Women’s Day Prize 2022, passed the torch to this year’s Global Citizenship Award Honoree, Florentina Hanisch of Brazil. The prestigious award ceremony took place at ShareLove.Fund’s Third Annual Cook for a Cause Event: Paella Night, held at a private residence in Rye, New York.

Harasimowicz, recognized for her outstanding commitment to social justice, humanitarian aid, and women’s empowerment, became the first college student to receive the Global Citizen Award. Her exemplary leadership on a global scale, coupled with her compassion and extraordinary aptitude, earned her this coveted prize. Graciously lending her title to the deserving Hanisch, Harasimowicz commended the World Champion for Women’s Platform Tennis and former top-ranked women’s tennis player in Brazil for her philanthropic endeavors and unwavering dedication.

The evening was not only an occasion to honor these remarkable women but also an opportunity to celebrate art and its power to inspire change. ShareLove.Fund’s 2022 Artist of the Year, MAIZIANNE, generously donated two original acrylics on canvas artworks that captured the triumphs and tribulations of women worldwide. These thought-provoking pieces served as prizes for the Cook for a Cause Event, further amplifying the message of empowerment and resilience.

In an inspiring statement, MAIZIANNE shared her deep-rooted commitment to supporting women and children in need through her art. Her belief in the strength and potential of those who have faced hardships resonated strongly with ShareLove.Fund’s mission. MAIZIANNE pledged to donate 100% of the profits from her art sales to the organization when customers mentioned ShareLove.Fund at the time of purchase. This philanthropic collaboration aims to provide the necessary tools and resources to women seeking to rebuild their lives and support their families with the dignity they deserve.

The ShareLove.Fund Paella Night served as a testament to the organization’s commitment to social impact, uniting individuals from different backgrounds in a shared vision of a more equitable world. Through their invaluable initiatives and collaborations with exceptional individuals like Harasimowicz, Hanisch, and MAIZIANNE, ShareLove.Fund continues to create positive change and uplift those in need.

About ShareLove.Fund

ShareLove.Fund is a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering at-risk youth and women and focusing on vocational training as a means of transformation. Through their website, individuals can access vocational training programs aimed at improving the lives of these vulnerable populations. Notably, ShareLove.Fund’s youth division has published three groundbreaking textbooks, each designed to facilitate education and growth among incarcerated women.

The first publication, “Broadening Our Horizons: What Can Modern Food Science Learn from Historic Nutritional Practises?” not only provides over 30 recipes combining Ayurveda with modern nutritional science but also explores methods to improve health span. This enlightening textbook has gained acclaim and garnered attention, ranking #1 on Amazon’s Best Seller Lists in the categories of Pre-K and Kindergarten Textbooks.

Another remarkable publication, “Broadening Our Horizons: Gandhi Goes to School,” has served as a foundation for making schools safer. With its powerful impact on education, this book has proven to be a vital resource for teachers and students alike, receiving widespread recognition.

Lastly, “Broadening Our Horizons: The Encyclopedia of Yoga,” a Yoga Alliance-accredited RYT 200 course manual, has become an essential reference for licensed yoga practitioners. This comprehensive guide, endorsed by the Yoga Alliance, empowers individuals to deepen their practice and contribute to the field of yoga.

To support the Young Authors’ Honors Society, a division of the Youth Leadership Board, high school students have written engaging textbooks at a ninth-grade level for women in prison to study. These textbooks enable incarcerated women to earn vocational training degrees in yoga, offering them hope, skill development, and a path toward a brighter future.

All ShareLove.Fund publications are now available for purchase on Amazon, with the proceeds directly benefiting the Young Authors’ Honors Society. By acquiring these educational resources, readers not only gain knowledge but also contribute to the empowerment of women seeking a fresh start.

For more information on ShareLove.Fund’s initiatives and ways to get involved, readers can visit their website at https://ShareLove.Fund.

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