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FormaCar Has Just Released Their GameFi Racing Ecosystem

BusinessFormaCar Has Just Released Their GameFi Racing Ecosystem

FormaCar has not too long ago disclosed that it would be venturing into the realm of Web3 gaming with the launch of the FormaCar Action project. FormaCar is a sizable platform that is completely dedicated to autos and the automotive sector as a whole.

2017 marked the beginning of the firm, which began as an offline endeavour. At the moment, it has a value more than 250 thousand.

Downloads of the app, with the majority of its active users devoting at least a quarter of an hour each day to working together on the app’s discussions pertaining to automobiles. According to Alexander Ivanchenko, Chief Executive Officer of FormaCar, “Being a number one digital car-platform imposes a significant duty.” He went on to say that they needed to satisfy the requirements of the consumers while also remaining current with the trends. As a result, the FormaCar Action project came into being as a result.

The massive video game project known as FormaCar Action was developed inside the flourishing GameFi business. It utilises a system known as Play-to-Earn for its gameplay. This gaming cryptocurrency project enables users to immerse themselves in a wonderfully designed automotive environment, experience the excitement of racing events, earn awards and tokens, and enjoy driving vehicles while accumulating NFTs all at the same time.

The development team has extensive background knowledge in both video games and automobiles. As a result, the FormaCar project wants to create a variety of racing games in order to fill the void left by GameFi, classic racing games, and newer forms of racing.

In addition to that, the project will include a one-of-a-kind NFT collection. Cars, members of the car parts crew, and things from the FormaCar AutoVerse may all be found among the NFT collections. Items from the NFT collections may have their levels increased, their potential developed, and their value recognised.

Through the use of the FormaCarGame ($FCG) utility token, players are given the ability to engage with the economic structure of the game. Players have the ability to purchase and sell objects at auctions and whole races using this token, in addition to participating in other similar in-game activities.

Standard race, Drift mode, Free mode, Escape mode, and Trial are some of the numerous game types that can be found inside this project.

Both single-player and multiplayer modes are supported by the default race. When playing in Drift mode, players are tasked with driving with a controlled drift at all times. In the free mode, you may practise your driving abilities while still having fun. Users get the opportunity to try out a variety of vehicles, compete in freestyle racing, and more. The objective of the escape mode is to get it out of a hazardous anomaly before it consumes your vehicle. The last game option is a three-dimensional variant called trial, in which participants are given a certain number of opportunities to finish a course.

Through the use of the FormaCar marketplace, all users are granted the ability to buy and sell new and used automobiles, as well as accessories, options, tuning components, and other products. Users may also customise their vehicles to give them a unique appearance and then sell those customised vehicles on the market. In addition, the marketplace is open to a wide variety of payment mechanisms, such as predetermined pricing, wagers, auctions, and many more.

The group also plans to include metaverse in the finished product of the project. The rebranded version of FormaCar Metaverse will be known as FormaCar AutoVerse.

Players have the ability to construct, own, and profit from their assets in the FormaCar AutoVerse by making use of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the FormaCarGame Token. These assets include automobiles, land parcels, garages, racing venues, car dealerships, gas stations, real estate agencies, bars, advertising agencies, service stations, and other buildings and facilities.

Players are free to roam the map, search for other players, and interact with them. The most important aspect is that players have the opportunity to both observe and take part in tournaments and championships that are held by other competitors. They have the ability to put wagers and root for certain athletes. Players who own automobiles have the ability to freely drive throughout the FormaCar AutoVerse in their vehicles.

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