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First-ever native-born US treasurer to be nominated by Joe Biden, Janet Yellen said in an interview

PoliticsFirst-ever native-born US treasurer to be nominated by Joe Biden, Janet Yellen said in an interview

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is expected to make the announcement regarding the nomination of Mohegan Indian Tribe Lifetime Chief Marilynn Malerba for the position of United States Treasurer on Tuesday. This will be the first time that the signature of a Native American will appear on United States currency, according to the Treasury.

During her trip to the Rosebud Sioux Tribe in South Dakota, Yellen will also make an announcement about the establishment of a new Treasury Office of Tribal and Native Affairs, which will be responsible for reporting to the treasurer.

The nomination of Malerba as U.S. treasurer by President Joe Biden would make it possible for Janet Yellen’s signature to be affixed to U.S. money, which was previously impossible since there was no U.S. treasurer in place. Since Yellen assumed office the previous year, the signature of former Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has appeared on newly produced bills of the United States dollar.

Since Jovita Carranza resigned in January 2020 to take the role of Small Business Administrator in the Trump administration, the office of Treasurer has been left open.

In prepared comments that were to be given to the Rosebud Sioux reservation, Yellen said that “with this announcement, we are extending an even deeper commitment to Indian Country.” “Chief Malerba will extend our one-of-a-kind engagement with tribal countries, continuing our collaborative efforts to promote the growth of tribal economies and economic prospects for tribal individuals,” the statement reads.

According to the official website of the Mohegan tribe, Malerba, who had a lengthy career as a registered nurse, has served as chief of the Mohegan tribe, which is based in Connecticut, since 2010. Prior to that, he chaired the Mohegan tribe’s tribal council and worked as the tribe’s executive director of Health and Human Services.

Malerba will accompany Yellen to the Rosebud Sioux tribe on Tuesday, according to the Treasury Department. Yellen will be there to discuss the effect of around $20 billion in state and local fiscal recovery money on tribal governments. Malerba will also be there.

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