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FIFPRO has issued a warning to players in seven nations about the “widespread” breach of player contracts

SportsFIFPRO has issued a warning to players in seven nations about the "widespread" breach of player contracts

In light of “systematic and widespread contractual infractions,” the global soccer players’ organisation FIFPRO has issued a warning to players considering joining with teams in China, Turkey, Greece, and other nations.

Chongqing Liangjiang Athletic, the latest team to fold owing to increasing debts, was demoted or banned by China’s football organisation in April after failing to pay all overdue payments by Dec. 31.

In a social media open letter published in May, players from Chongqing claimed they had not been paid.

Non-payment of wages is also a common issue for players in Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Romania, and Turkey according to FIFPRO, while second-division teams in Greece sometimes suspend operations without honouring obligations, according to FIFPRO.

It was revealed in December that Greek teams owed more than $25.62 million in unpaid pay, according to research by the country’s players union (PSAP).

More Romanian teams are entering insolvency proceedings, which has a “serious impact” on players, the statement said, “forcing them into endless insolvency procedures with little to no possibility of collecting any recompense.”

There have been more FIFA Player Protection Fund claims filed by Greek players in the last two years than any other nation.

With the help of FIFPRO and FIFA, a compensation fund for players whose teams are in financial problems or go out of business has been established for the first time in 2020.

FIFPRO also expressed worry over the rising number of international players stuck in Libya because teams who hire them “refuse to give the needed papers to depart.”.

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