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Elon Musk has taken his longest-ever Twitter sabbatical in the face of obstacles

USElon Musk has taken his longest-ever Twitter sabbatical in the face of obstacles

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, has taken a digital detox from Twitter for the past nine days. This is the longest stretch of time in which he has not posted anything on Twitter in nearly five years. As a result, his more than 100 million followers and the media have been left to speculate extensively.

His quiet comes in the midst of the contentious $44 billion plan to purchase Twitter, which he has placed on hold until CEO Parag Agrawal tells him of the exact figure of bots & spam accounts on the network. His silence comes at a time when the acquisition has been the subject of much controversy.

Musk, a prolific user of Twitter, most recently wrote on June 22 about the conflict between SpaceX and the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) about broadband use.

They are engaging in unethical and very shady behaviour by attempting to bait and switch satellite spectrum for cellular bandwidth.

If they are successful, it will be detrimental to those parts of the globe who are now not being supplied at all. He had stated that things were “really screwed up” just before going on sabbatical.

In the past, he has only taken a vacation from Twitter for a maximum of four days, but this time, he has taken a sabbatical for nine days, which has left millions of people in complete and absolute anticipation.

In December of the previous year, he said in a tweet: “Off Twitter for a time.” After waiting a day, he started tweeting again.

According to Teslarati, Elon Musk’s habit of tweeting has become an integral part of reporting on Tesla and SpaceX news because of how conspicuous his presence is.

According to the research, Musk’s off-the-cuff statements and outbursts serve as bait for contentious news items.

His quiet comes at a time when Tesla has just concluded its second quarter following many hard days in China amid Covid-lockdowns, and SpaceX is now engaged with its ambitious Starship development.

Last week, Elon Musk was 51 years old. On the microblogging site Twitter, his devoted fans and followers sent their best birthday greetings with him. Musk is widely regarded as the most successful tech entrepreneur and investor in the world.

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