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Chaka Khan Bestows Her Blessing on a Union That Breaks With Tradition

StyleChaka Khan Bestows Her Blessing on a Union That Breaks With Tradition

Amanda Renee Bupp has a reputation among her close circle of acquaintances for always being on time. However, when it came time to finally meet Kim Anh Jimenez for the first time in May of 2019, she was running behind schedule, frazzled, and disorganised. Ms. Bupp was apprehensive about finally seeing the lady who she had been corresponding with and falling in love with over the course of the previous month over the internet and the phone.

Ms. Bupp said that they had “get to know one other before we ever met.” “We engaged in some thought-provoking and open-minded discourse. It was simple to communicate with Kim.

Ms. Jimenez, who is 42 years old, reached out to Ms. Bupp, who is 44 years old, through Instagram in the month of April. She had seen Ms. Bupp’s profile and realised that they had a large number of friends in common.

On the other hand, neither of them believed it right away. What would Ms. Jimenez, an independent D.J. and composer residing in Los Angeles, and Ms. Bupp, a vice president in the fashion industry living in New York, have in common with one another?

After Ms. Jimenez reached out to Ms. Bupp, it seemed inevitable that the two “women of a certain age” would become more than just friends. They started talking on the phone practically every night.

There was an instant connection between them.

Ms. Bupp said that the first thing that drew her attention to the person was the sound of her voice when she talked to her over the phone.

After a little over a month, Ms. Bupp had an upcoming trip to Los Angeles for a baby shower; it was high time for the pair to finally see one other. She made a mess of getting dressed, and as a result, she was around 15 minutes late for the couple’s first date, which was scheduled to take place at Cafe Stella in the Silver Lake region of Los Angeles. They hadn’t even finished the first round of orange wine and old clothes when they locked lips for the first time.
After enduring the epidemic together for about to two years, Ms. Bupp made the decision that it was now time to pop the question. She invited Ms. Jimenez to their apartment in New York City so that the two of them could get ready for what was ostensibly a night out at an art museum.

Ms. Bupp continued looking outside, rattling her rattled teeth as she waited for the jazz band at the restaurant across the street to begin playing and for the full moon to appear. When it came time, she hurried Ms. Jimenez outside so that she would be there in time for the ideal moment.

Following the wedding ceremony, there were many hours of music and dancing, as well as a few unexpected events. Ms. Jimenez sang a jazz standard that has a long and illustrious history, “I’m in the Mood for Love,” which was arranged by Julie London. She was joined on stage by W. Andrew Raposo, who played the bass, and Simon Kafka, who played the guitar. When she was done, she went to give Ms. Bupp a hug, and Ms. Bupp warned her that she may pass out.

Ms. Jimenez said that it was an adorable experience.

Ms. Bupp was responsible for coordinating a cameo video appearance by Chaka Khan, an artist whose music Ms. Jimenez has used in her performances all over the globe. One of her most cherished creative figures is Ms. Khan.

Ms. Jimenez described the moment when she “actually went to my knees screaming.”

She continued by claiming that Ms. Khan had wished them both a good life together and said, “May God smile on you and bless you.” She expressed gratitude to me for playing her songs at DJ sets all around the globe. Chaka bestowed her favour upon us!

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