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Boris Johnson Inc. is Getting Ready to Enter the Public Market

BusinessBoris Johnson Inc. is Getting Ready to Enter the Public Market

Boris Johnson, the politician, was brought to his knees in July by fellow Conservative Party members who demanded that he quit from his position as prime minister. On the other hand, Boris Johnson the company is going to earn a tidy sum of money.

Boris Inc. is widely anticipated by political commentators in England to adopt the business model of former presidents of the United Kingdom and transform into a one-man private enterprise selling two types of goods: a biography and speeches. He will promote attributes that formerly enchanted millions of people, such as a shambolic head of blond hair and an impish grin that says “I wonff’t take anything too seriously unless I really must.” He is a gifted performer who provides a distinct blend of seriousness and japery.

What he won’t do, according to one of his biographers’ predictions, is instantly push for a return to power or attack his successor, Liz Truss, who has managed to crater both her poll ratings and the value of the British pound in only a few weeks in office.

Author Andrew Gimson, who wrote a book titled “Boris Johnson: The Rise and Fall of a Troublemaker at No. 10,” said that “it is too soon for him to make any effort at a return.” “His fall from power is still too fresh in people’s recollections, and his own failures as prime minister are still too recent,” and “Truss’s failure is by no means proven.”

If he decides to participate, he will do so at the most appropriate time in the lecture circuit. After being put on hold for the better part of two years due to the pandemic, some of the most profitable live events, such as business conferences and annual meetings, have made a strong comeback in recent months. Both the Clinton Global Initiative and Fast Company had their first in-person conferences since 2019 in late September. The number of attendees at Fast Company’s Innovation Festival was about 5,700, which is 700 higher than in the previous three years.

According to officials working for speakers’ agencies, Mr. Johnson is likely to command a fee of up to $250,000 for each speech he gives, and even more for his first excursion or two. Due to the fact that he will continue to serve as a member of Parliament, it is mandatory for him to disclose that income to the public via a system that is known as the Register of Members’ Financial Interests. Following his resignation as foreign secretary in 2019, he claimed receiving £122,000 (about $132,000) from Living Media India for a three-hour speaking engagement. This is a payday that he is expected to consistently surpass now that he is no longer in that position.

He is in desperate need of the money at this point. Mr. Johnson, who was 58 years old and had two divorces, a third wife, and six children, earned 157,000 pounds as prime minister, which is equivalent to almost $178,000. In addition to the enormous expenditures of maintaining the space, the guy has costly preferences. An invoice for the work that was done at their official residence at No. 11 Downing Street revealed that it cost £200,000 ($226,000), including a drinks trolley that cost £3,675 and a pair of sofas that cost more than £15,000. The work was done when he and his third wife redecorated their official residence. According to the allegations in the press, Mr. Johnson was accused of using contributions to the Conservative Party to pay part of the costs of the renovations, and he reimbursed the money.

He will have to leave the United Kingdom in order to maximise the amount of money he makes from lectures.

Audiences in the United States are aware of the unfortunate demise of Mr. Johnson and will have some level of acquaintance with the myriad of controversies that contributed to his removal from office. In contrast to voters in the United Kingdom, however, voters in the United States are not agitated by the many scandals that have occurred during his administration. One example of this is the fact that he attended parties at No. 10 Downing Street at a time when such gatherings were illegal due to legislation that his government had enacted. As a result of the investigation into the parties, Mr. Johnson and scores of others were given fines by the police.

It is more conceivable that Mr. Johnson will serve as a keynote speaker at the annual meetings of Wall Street banks than it is that he will be a swizzle stick at a professional mixer. However, some who have followed his career closely claim that the life of operating a private firm will not keep his attention for an extended period of time. They speculate that he will launch another campaign for the most powerful political position in Britain as soon as feasible.

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