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Biden’s speech denounced white supremacy and took aim at Trump, saying “Evil Will Not Win”

PoliticsBiden's speech denounced white supremacy and took aim at Trump, saying "Evil Will Not Win"

President Biden organised a summit gathering at the White House on Thursday to condemn white supremacy and other types of racism. He called on Americans to speak out against prejudice, and he took a veiled shot at former President Donald J. Trump for, in his opinion, countingenancing hate-fueled violence.

The President of the United States said to a restricted audience that included activists and family members of victims of hate-motivated crimes, “In the United States of America, evil will not triumph, will not prevail.” “And those who believe in white supremacy will not get the last word.”

Mr. Biden has maintained for a long time that he made the decision to run for president after a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, in 2017 descended into violence and Mr. Trump stated that there were “very fine people on both sides” of the conflict between the protesters and the counterprotesters. In order to hammer home this point, Mr. Biden was presented with an introduction on Thursday by Susan Bro, whose daughter Heather Heyer was one of the people who was murdered by a vehicle during the demonstration in Charlottesville.

The conference titled “United We Stand,” on the other hand, brought to light the difficulties associated with Mr. Biden’s vision of togetherness. Although several Republican mayors and a longstanding Republican pundit who has been critical of Mr. Trump, Ana Navarro, was invited to speak by the White House, no nationally renowned Republican elected officials took part in the event. A variety of nonpartisan and bipartisan initiatives were also highlighted during the event. One of these initiatives was a new organisation that had been founded by former presidential aides to combat what the organisation referred to as “a growing tide of hate-fueled violence in America.”

The group, which goes by the name Dignity.us, was established by four individuals who had previously worked as domestic policy advisers in the White House. These individuals are as follows: John Bridgeland, who served under President George W. Bush; Joe Grogan, who served under Mr. Trump; Melody Barnes and Cecilia Muoz, who served under President Barack Obama.

Even while he did not directly address Mr. Trump by name, Mr. Biden ridiculed the way in which his predecessor handled the violence in Charlottesville. “When the previous man was asked what did he think, he said he felt there were some wonderful individuals on both sides,” Mr. Biden said.

The meeting took place two weeks after former President Joe Biden offered a harsh condemnation of President Trump and the “MAGA Republicans” as being inherently anti-democratic. However, the president provided a response to those detractors who have said that he is the one who is causing division in the United States.

He said, “There are those people who think that if we bring this up, we are simply going to split the nation.” Bring it up, and we will put an end to it rather than keeping quiet about it.

Later on, he addressed the crowd, saying, “Folks, we cannot be frightened by people who are talking about this as if we’re some kind of wacko liberal lot.”

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