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Biden Taps Lael Brainard of Federal Reserve as Chief Economic Adviser

USBiden Taps Lael Brainard of Federal Reserve as Chief Economic Adviser

In a move to bolster his economic team, President Joe Biden has selected Lael Brainard, a current Federal Reserve governor, as his top economic adviser. This decision comes as the administration looks to navigate the ongoing economic recovery from the pandemic.

As a Fed governor since 2014, Brainard has played a prominent role in monetary policy decisions and regulatory oversight of the financial industry. She has also been a strong advocate for addressing income inequality and climate change as part of economic policy.

Brainard’s appointment signals the Biden administration’s commitment to experienced and independent voices in the economic realm, as she is known for her extensive experience in both academia and government. Her appointment also brings diversity to the administration’s economic team, as she will be the only woman to hold a top economic post in the White House.

In her new role, Brainard will be responsible for advising the President on a range of economic issues, including infrastructure spending, labor market policies, and global economic affairs. Her confirmation process is expected to be smooth, as she has already been confirmed by the Senate in her current role at the Fed.

With Brainard’s expertise and leadership, the Biden administration hopes to steer the economy towards a more equitable and sustainable recovery in the years to come.

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