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Bangkok has been ranked as the greatest city in the world for luxury travel on a budget

TravelBangkok has been ranked as the greatest city in the world for luxury travel on a budget

People often look forward to an extravagant vacation out of the country, but while planning such a trip, it is vital to keep in mind the financial implications. For instance, the costs of renting a vehicle, staying at opulent resorts, and receiving services of world-class calibre all tend to be rather high. Money.co.uk, a website based in the United Kingdom, referred to Bangkok as a “luxury backpacking utopia.” Bangkok is the capital of Thailand.

According to the findings of the poll, Bangkok is the city that offers the most quality visitor experiences at the lowest possible cost. Car rentals, luxury resorts and hotels, restaurants with Michelin stars, and other types of service that are the finest in their respective categories may all be found in Bangkok.

According to the information provided on the website, the cost to hire a luxury automobile (Mercedes-Benz) for one day in Bangkok is $59 (INR 4588), while the average cost of a decent meal is almost $150. (INR 11665). Those who are interested in staying in a 5-star hotel in this city will only need to spend $295 (INR 22942), which is a significant discount from the typical rate. Naturally, Bangkok is home to a great number of luxurious resorts, hotels, and villas, all of which welcome guests at prices that won’t break the bank.

Brussels finished in second place on the list of the most cheap places for a nice vacation that can be taken on a budget. Brussels, the capital of Belgium, is famous across the globe for its chocolate and beer that has been created locally. It is also the most cost-effective tourism destination in all of Europe, with a stay in a five-star hotel costing around $680. (INR 52884). It is possible that renting a premium automobile in Brussels may cost you $150 (or 116655 INR) each day.

Verona, which is located in Italy, came in at number three in the study; this wonderful city has the second-lowest average cost for a spa hotel, coming in at $177 (INR 13765) per night.

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