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At the Season 5 premiere of “The Crown,” Elizabeth Debicki pays appropriate homage to the late Princess Diance

StyleAt the Season 5 premiere of "The Crown," Elizabeth Debicki pays appropriate homage to the late Princess Diance

She was known as the Queen of Hearts and was a person who will never be forgotten. We are speaking about the late Princess of Wales, Lady Diana, who is widely considered to be one of the most beloved celebrities in history. It would seem that famous people from all over the globe would never allow us to forget her as long as they continue to look to her as a source of fashion inspiration. And this time around, it’s none other than Elizabeth Debicki, who is playing Diana in The Crown Seasons 5 and 6, who is bringing back memories of Diana with each new dress that she wears.

The fifth season of the critically acclaimed online television programme has just been available, and it is already generating a lot of buzz. The most recent season tells the story of the private lives of members of the British Royal Family, focusing mostly on the difficult relationship that existed between the then-Prince of Wales, Charles, and the late Princess Diana in the 1990s. And despite the fact that she is being compared to Emma Corrin, who played the Princess in the prior season, Elizabeth Debicki is absolutely nailing her performance as Diana. We are in awe of Debicki because she is taking every possible step to dress like the late Princess, and she is leaving nothing to chance.

At the premiere of the fifth season of the show, which took place in London, the 32-year-old paid an appropriate homage to Princess Diana. She brought back memories of Diana as she slayed in a couture gown designed by Christian Dior. She donned a similar floor-length scarf that matched the flowing body-hugging gown that she wore around her neck. This look was inspired by a Catherine Walker dress that Diana wore to the Cannes Film Festival in 1987 and was designed by Walker. A strapless neckline and a matching neck scarf were the elements of both dresses that created the illusion of similarity between the two.

The actress recently gave an interview to Entertainment Weekly, in which she discussed her experience wearing a garment that was a reproduction of Princess Diana’s famous vengeance dress. “The extent to which individuals allowed that outfit to captivate them fascinates me. When it was publicised that I had been cast in the role, I was inundated with text messages wishing me well and congratulating me, I also got a significant number of text messages about the vengeance dress.

She also said that she felt “extremely significant and pretty strong,” and that the event “provoked something” inside her. She said that she felt “incredibly important and quite powerful.”

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