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An unfortunate misstatement made by Cristiano Ronaldo following his mega-transfer to Al Nassr

SportsAn unfortunate misstatement made by Cristiano Ronaldo following his mega-transfer to Al Nassr

On Tuesday, football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo seemed to make a gaffe while he was speaking about his megabucks new agreement. He seemed to indicate that he had gone to South Africa rather than Saudi Arabia, which is the home of his current club Al Nassr. In reality, Ronaldo has moved to Saudi Arabia.

As he was being unveiled at the Riyadh club where thousands of supporters celebrated his signing for an estimated 200 million euros, he told the media, “It’s not the end of my career to move to South Africa.” The transfer fee for the player was not disclosed.

Ronaldo, who is 37 years old and has played his whole career in Europe, made the mistake while he was speaking about the offers that he claimed rushed in from across the world when he left Manchester United. Ronaldo has played all of his professional career in Europe.

“I had many offers in Europe, many in Brazil, Australia, and the United States, even in Portugal,” said the Portuguese forward, who arrived in the capital of oil-rich Saudi Arabia late on Monday.

As soon as Ronaldo arrived on the field wearing Al Nassr’s yellow and blue shirt, the crowded Mrsool Park, which has a capacity of 25,000 people, exploded in applause and fireworks. Ronaldo got a tremendous greeting.

As Ronaldo arrived at his new club Al Nassr, which is located in Saudi Arabia on Tuesday, he referred to himself as a “special player” and vowed that the end of his career was not in sight.

“I’m a special player. Ronaldo addressed the reporters at Al Nassr’s Mrsool Park stadium, “It’s fantastic to come here, I smashed all the records there (in Europe), and I hope to break a few records here.”

He went on to say that he was going to the nation “to win, to play, to enjoy, and to be a part of the prosperity of the country and culture of the country.”

Ronaldo said that he had several offers to play for clubs in Europe and other parts of the world, but ultimately decided to sign with the wealthy Saudis.

“My job is finished in Europe,” he stated, adding, “I received many offers in Europe, many in Brazil, Australia, the United States, and even in Portugal.” “In Europe,” he concluded, “my work is over.”

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