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An attack in northern Mexico claimed the lives of six police officers

USAn attack in northern Mexico claimed the lives of six police officers

A suspected drug gang ambushed a group of law enforcement officers on Sunday in the state of Nuevo Leon, located on the northern border of Mexico, armed with heavy weaponry and ten homemade armoured vehicles. The attack resulted in the deaths of six law enforcement officers and the wounding of four others.

The state police of Nuevo Leon have said that the patrol was outnumbered during the incident that took place before daybreak on a roadway that leads to a border crossing with Colombia. The force said that the cops exhibited “heroic” performance during the assault.

According to the state’s prosecutor, one of the deceased officers was a female. There was no information available right away about the people who carried out the act. However, the brutal Northeast cartel has long maintained its control over the neighbouring city of Nuevo Laredo.

During the last decade, Nuevo Leon was plagued by high levels of violence at the hands of the old Zetas cartel. After things had settled down to some degree, there has been a noticeable increase in the number of homicides so far this year.

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