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After a global outage, Microsoft Teams is Back Online for the Majority of Users

BusinessAfter a global outage, Microsoft Teams is Back Online for the Majority of Users

Microsoft Corp.’s MS Teams was back up for the majority of users on Thursday, the company said, following an outage that lasted for several hours and caused the chat service to become inaccessible for tens of thousands of customers across the world.

The business blamed the problem on a recent software upgrade, which “included a failed link to an internal storage server,” as the source of the disturbance.

In addition, we are keeping a close eye out for any indications that the service may be malfunctioning until we are certain that all of its operations have been completely restored “the statement was made by the firm on its website.

MS Teams is a service that allows more than 270 million individuals around the world to conduct calls, arrange meetings, and coordinate their workflow. MS Teams is an essential component of the day-to-day operations of organisations and schools, which utilise the service to perform these functions.

However, an outage monitoring website called Downdetector.com revealed that there were more than 4,800 events in the United States and over 18,200 incidents in Japan. The corporation did not disclose the number of people that were impacted by the interruption. The website keeps track of outages by compiling status updates from a variety of sources, including faults on its platform that are reported by users.

Because to the outage, the majority of users were unable to communicate with one another or make use of any of the application’s functions. On account of the large number of users who posted updates and jokes about the interruption in service on Twitter, the hashtag #MicrosoftTeams quickly became one of the most popular searches on that platform.

A person on Twitter said that “Microsoft Teams has halted, and half of the working world along with it” with the hashtag “MicrosoftTeams.”

Microsoft has also stated that the integration of Teams will have certain downstream effects on a number of the Microsoft 365 services, including Microsoft Word, Office Online, and SharePoint Online.

During the COVID-19 epidemic, many individuals worked from their homes, which led to an increase in demand for remote business teleconferencing and messaging solutions. As a result of this need, the firm has benefitted from the rise in demand for these products.

Another major technology company, Meta Platforms, had an outage in October of last year that prevented billions of users from accessing WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger for close to six hours. Other major technology businesses have also been affected by outages in the last year.

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