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According to a top commission official, the impending recovery of international crises would have an effect on air travel

TravelAccording to a top commission official, the impending recovery of international crises would have an effect on air travel

Henrik Hololei, the head of the European Commission, has said that foreign crises are delaying the last phase of European air travel’s recovery.

During an Aircraft Leasing Ireland (ALI) seminar in the Irish capital, Hololei emphasised that European air traffic has returned to pre-pandemic levels 90 percent faster than anticipated.

According to a story by the Irish Times, the EU director general for mobility and transport emphasised that multiple crises and geopolitical unpredictability were impeding the full recovery.

Hololei said that China’s ongoing COVID-19 lockdowns were one of the issues that hampered the last phase of rehabilitation.

“Once China opens up, there will be a significant difference,” he said.

EU director general for mobility and transport stated that growing energy and living expenses might also have an impact on air travel and make it more difficult to forecast consumer behaviour, highlighting that a clearer picture could emerge in the coming weeks.

During ALI’s Global Aviation Sustainability Day, he said that the summer’s robust rebound demonstrated that “people still wanted to travel.”

Despite the fact that the air travel sector is experiencing severe challenges, it has had a considerable comeback during the last two years, when countries enforced tight travel regulations in an effort to prevent the further spread of the virus and its new strains.

However, a study released by Fortune in the past indicated that not all travellers would be welcomed, particularly those on a budget.

According to the research, neither airlines nor tourist destinations want budget travellers to return.

In this respect, the CEO of the Irish airline Ryanair, Michael O’Leary, recently said that there will be no more flights for €10 ($10.33) owing to the present scenario, emphasising that the age of inexpensive travel is finished.

“Over the following five years, we believe that €40 should gradually increase to maybe €50.” Therefore, the average ticket in the United Kingdom will increase to about £42 or £43,” he said.

Previously, SchengenVisaInfo.com predicted that the disruption in European air travel would persist into the autumn. As a result of the stringent limitations set by European nations’ authorities to prevent the spread of the virus’s new forms, it was claimed that labour shortages in the travel and tourist industry would be the primary cause of air travel disruptions. According to the survey, strikes that continue to impair operations at the main airlines and airports will also contribute to pandemonium this autumn.

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