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According to a study, Facebook is falling out of the “Top 10” apps in the US App Store

TechAccording to a study, Facebook is falling out of the "Top 10" apps in the US App Store

According to a recent study, Facebook, which is owned by Meta, has been having trouble keeping its spot as one of the top 10 applications available in the United States App Store this year.

According to an examination of data from the iPhone App Store, the tech giant’s application has lost momentum in the Top Charts of the App Store as a result of younger customers switching to more modern social networking experiences such as TikTok and now BeReal. This was reported by TechCrunch.

According to the survey, Facebook was only absent from the list of the top 10 free iPhone applications in the United States seven times throughout the course of the previous year. However, by 2022, that number has already increased to 97, which is a hint that Facebook may be losing momentum as new applications work their way into the top ranks of the App Store.

To put this into a more concrete perspective, throughout the first half of 2021, the Facebook app dropped out of the top 10 applications in the App Store only six times. However, according to data that was supplied to TechCrunch by the company Sensor Tower, which specialises in app analytics.

According to the company, there was even one point in 2022 when it failed to crack the Top 10 for as many as 37 consecutive days. This is an increase from 2021, when it happened only twice in a row.

This conclusion was also supported by additional research provided by a different App Store data provider known as data.ai, which was formerly known as App Annie. However, this research discovered that the app fell out of the Top 10 on iPhone in the United States only four times throughout the entirety of 2021, compared with 110 days so far in 2022.

It was discovered that the three months of April, May, and June had the greatest number of users leaving Facebook this year. The month of April was Facebook’s lowest month to date, as the rank of the Facebook app dropped into the 30s on April 18, and subsequently went as low as No. 44 on April 21.

Notably, this occurred at the same time that BeReal was making its way up the Top Charts in the App Store, eventually breaking into the Top 5.

BeReal is now the most popular app that is not a game on the App Store in the United States.

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