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Accidents Claim the Lives of Two Actors From the Netflix Series “The Chosen One”

ArtAccidents Claim the Lives of Two Actors From the Netflix Series "The Chosen One"

According to Netflix, an accident that occurred on Thursday in Baja California Sur, Mexico, resulted in the deaths of two cast members of the television programme “The Chosen One.” The accident also wounded six other cast and crew members.

According to Netflix, the incident took place as the vehicle was travelling from Santa Rosal to the nearby airport. The firm has said that the accident did not take place on set, and that all six people who were hurt — two cast members, and four staff members — are in stable condition.

The firm has not provided any more information on the incident; however, the Associated Press has reported that members of the cast and crew were travelling in a van that was involved in an accident.

According to Netflix, the production firm Redrum, which is responsible for the programme, has temporarily halted production. On Sunday, we were unable to quickly contact any representatives from Redrum in order to get their reaction.

According to the synopsis provided by Netflix, “The Chosen One” is about a little child who discovers that he is the resurrected Jesus Christ and is meant to rescue the world from destruction. The television drama is adapted on a series of comic books written by Mark Millar and Peter Gross. Netflix announced on its Twitter account in April that filming had begun in Mexico.

Raymundo Garduo Cruz and Juan Francisco González Aguilar were identified as the two dead actors by the state government of Baja California, which announced the news in a statement posted on Facebook on Friday.

The government released a statement expressing their condolences to the family, friends, and artistic community in Baja California.

SAG-AFTRA, the organisation that represents employees in the film, television, and radio industries, said in a statement that it has discussed the accident with both Netflix and the Asociación Nacional de Actores, which is the union that represents actors in Mexico.

According to a statement made by SAG-AFTRA, “We are reviewing the conditions with local production.” “Safety in the production environment is always our number one concern. We shall continue to take any and all efforts that are required to ensure that our members and others are safe at their place of employment.

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