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A shootout in California claimed the lives of two police officers and a suspect

USA shootout in California claimed the lives of two police officers and a suspect

During an investigation into a probable stabbing that took place on Tuesday at a hotel in the suburbs of Los Angeles, two police officers were murdered in a firefight, and the suspect was died at the scene, according to the authorities.

At around 4:45 p.m., two El Monte policemen, one with more than 22 years of experience on the force and the other with less than a year’s worth of service, went to the Siesta Inn in El Monte, which is located east of Los Angeles.

During a press conference held on Tuesday evening, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Homicide Captain Andrew Meyer said that the officers “confronted the suspect” inside of a hotel room, which led to the erupting of gunfire in the room. According to him, the shooter then ran into the parking lot, where further shots were fired by both sides.

Meyer said that he did not know if the policemen were shot inside or outside of the hotel where they were staying. They passed away at a hospital. The suspected shooter received gunfire and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Ben Lowry, who was serving as temporary Chief of Police in El Monte, referred to the cops as heroes.

He added that a lot of people cared about both of these individuals. They were worthy of respect. They gave their lives in the service of their community in the hope that they may serve someone else.

He stated, “Today, they were assassinated by a coward, and we are weeping and that hurts.” “Today, they were slain.” The police have chosen not to provide any more information, including the officers’ identities.

Mayor Jessica Ancona of El Monte said that the cops lost their lives “while attempting to keep a family safe.” Meyer said that the authorities were conducting an interrogation with a lady who worked at the hotel and who they believe to be the suspect’s girlfriend.

He claimed that she was not stabbed in any way.

Other specifics were not immediately made available.

A California Highway Patrol officer had been shot and seriously injured during a traffic check in the Studio City neighbourhood of Los Angeles only one day before the deaths took place.

The cop, who was 27 years old, was struck by several gunshots. According to the California Highway Patrol, he was admitted to a hospital in a critical but stable condition and was anticipated to make a full recovery.

Pejhmaun Iraj Khosroabadi reportedly turned himself in to authorities on Tuesday morning at a homeless encampment in the Van Nuys region of the San Fernando Valley, after being tracked down by police with the assistance of a bloodhound.

It was not immediately evident if he had a counsel who could speak on his behalf; nonetheless, it seemed likely that he did.

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