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A family in Montana was killed when a pickup driver ran them over and then shot them

USA family in Montana was killed when a pickup driver ran them over and then shot them

At least one person was killed and another was critically injured in the attack, which occurred in a tourist community near Glacier National Park, according to officials. The attacker was killed by the mother’s sister-in-law when he ran out of ammo, police said.

David Siau, 39, of Syracuse, New York, and his 18-month-old daughter, McKenzie, were killed in the weekend assault on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation in northwest Montana.

Glacier County Sheriff’s Office officials said that Derick Amos Madden, 37, had a past involvement with the lady who murdered him and had mental health difficulties. On Wednesday, authorities refused to reveal how he was slain.

According to the sheriff’s office, Madden rammed his Toyota Tacoma into the Siau family as they strolled down a pathway in East Glacier Park shortly before 9 p.m. on Sunday, striking many of them before driving into a tree.

David Siau was killed and McKenzie was critically injured by Madden’s bullets. When Christy Siau, her 40-year-old mother, was shot and killed while attempting to flee, she was holding the little daughter captive.

When Madden’s gun ran out, he cut his sister-in-law Christina Siau, 30, with a knife. But the lady fought back and killed Madden.

Siau murdered Madden, but Seifert would to reveal how or whether any further weapons were found at the scene.

The man answered, “She fought back and she won.”

Two more children of David and Christy Siau were there, but they were able to flee without being hurt.

Browning’s Indian Health Service facility declared McKenzie Siau dead. They were airlifted to a higher level of treatment for Christy and Christina Siau, who both had serious injuries.

Investigators have been unable to interrogate Christy Siau because of her injuries, Seifert said.

Witnesses in the neighbourhood saw the assault and alerted police, according to Seifert. He went on to say that the cops arrived quickly and that the incident had already ended when they arrived.

When Madden struck the family, the MHP was attempting to figure out exactly how fast he was going. In the words of Seifert, it was going faster than the posted limit of at least 25 miles per hour (40 kilometres per hour).

If Madden had obtained the shotgun legitimately, authorities have not said so.

An “isolated incident with a definite link between the victims and Madden” has been characterised as an ongoing investigation by the sheriff’s office. Madden and Christina Siau had a previous relationship, but it’s not clear what sparked Sunday’s assault beyond that.

The Glacier County Courthouse does not have any records of any restraining orders against Madden, authorities there stated.

Madden had no prior encounters with law enforcement, according to the local authorities. East Glacier Park, which has a population of about 300 year-round inhabitants, is a popular destination for summer visitors because of its proximity to Glacier National Park.

As McKenzie’s paternal grandpa and David’s father John Siau remarked, “I’d want to thank everyone who has so kindly surrounding us, reached out and supported us through this tough time.”

While grieving and depressed, he advised his children to “not store resentment over what has occurred,” he added.

Christina Siau, a native New Yorker, had been making her home at East Glacier Park for the last several years until her death. Seifert said that her brother and his family had come to see her while she was away on vacation.

One of David Saiu’s coworkers characterised him as a “great guy, an excellent friend, and a wonderful father to his three children.”

At Peter Depuy, a bookkeeper for a Syracuse audio products firm, Benchmark, “They simply wanted to do stuff with them outside, even just fun basic things, like weekend and day excursions,” Depuy said. Depuy claimed David Saiu, the company’s 13-year-old production manager, began working there as a teenager more than two decades ago.

The American Baptist Churches of New York State’s social media posts said that Christy Siau was a former accountant for the group. Executive Minister Rev. James Kelsey hailed her as a “long-time and cherished member” of the organization’s staff in a statement.

Christy and David Siau were also engaged in the First Baptist Church of Hoosick Falls, New York, Kelsey said.

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