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12 killed, 11 wounded in Vietnam karaoke bar fire

World12 killed, 11 wounded in Vietnam karaoke bar fire

An official from the area claimed on Wednesday that a fire that broke out in a karaoke bar in the southern part of Vietnam left 12 people dead and 11 others wounded.

According to state media, the fire broke out on Tuesday evening and spread to the second and third floors of the building, trapping customers and employees on the lower levels as thick smoke filled the stairway.

According to the accounts, a large number of people gathered onto a balcony in an effort to escape the flames, which developed rapidly once they caught on the timber inside, while some were forced to leap from the building.

Photos showed thick plumes of smoke pouring out of the pub, which was situated in a densely populated residential neighbourhood in the city of Thuan An, which is located to the north of the commercial capital of Ho Chi Minh City. Firefighters on cranes were attempting to put out the blaze.

AFP was informed by a local authority that the fire had resulted in the deaths of 12 persons and injuries to 11.

“It has not been confirmed what caused the fire, and an investigation is now underway “Nguyen Thanh Tam, a high-ranking official with the communist party that is currently in power in the city of Thuan An, said AFP.

According to the account of a witness named Nguyen Sang, who lives in close proximity to the karaoke club, when fire vehicles arrived at the scene, a receptionist said that there were forty individuals trapped inside the building.

Since 2018, when 13 people perished in a wildfire that broke out in an apartment complex in Ho Chi Minh City, this inferno was Vietnam’s worst since then.

In 2016, a fire at a karaoke bar in Hanoi resulted in the deaths of 13 people, which prompted an investigation into the safety precautions that are taken at bars and clubs around the nation.

In the capital city a month ago, there was a fire at another karaoke establishment, and three firemen were killed while attempting to put out the blaze.

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